9 Great Buccaneer Directors

David Cronenberg Buccaneer directors are the great pioneers of the film world on account of their exciting forays into new unexplored territories of cinema. They are adventurous and high risk, playing with novel ideas and often radical or taboo subject matter. Whatever the topic, they will try their hand at it and their films keep cinema fresh with their often avant garde approach. The directors on this list are exciting and daring in the way they tackle cinema. They do not do things half heartedly and they commit themselves 100% to their work. Often controversial, but never boring, the average film director wishes he/she had one tenth of their imagination and ability to manifest that imagination to cinema audiences. These directors shine so brightly they embarrass the rest of the film making world. Please add your own Buccaneer directors below.

9. Catherine Breillat

Filme A French director who is known for the extreme, often hardcore, movies she makes, Catherine Breillat says she has a particular affinity for another buccaneering director - David Cronenberg. Her first film in 1976 - Une Vrai Jeune Fille - deals with the sexual awakening of a 14 year old girl. The film contains frank scenes of female sexuality which became Breillat's trademark as a film director who constantly pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable. Stand out films from Breillat's career include Romance, A ma soeur! and Anatomy of Hell. 1999's Romance was a highly explicit tale of a woman's sexual odyssey that seemed to set a trend among French directors to utilise hardcore sex scenes in their work. A ma soeur! is another tale of female sexual journey - this time with two adolescent sisters. The film isn't too controversial until the final sequences which set a new bar in brutal endings in movies. Anatomy of Hell features the weird pairing of a suicidal woman and a homosexual man whom she pays to keep her company. Of course this film features the female body being explored both inside and out. Breillat's work has been called 'feminist existential porn'. She is an adventurous, taboo breaking director which makes her a fabulous buccaneer.

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