9 Great Film Performances From Non-Actors

5. Iggy Pop - The Adventures Of Pete & Pete

Iggypopy As closely linked to one another as David Bowie and Iggy Pop have been throughout their careers, Bowie's acting ability unfortunately never passed on to Iggy. As fun as it is to see Iggy onscreen, his performances are rarely noteworthy. The exception to this is his role as Nona Mecklenberg's dad in the Adventures of Pete & Pete. In a surreal coming of age television show, one of the more stranger sights is the Godfather of Punk playing an average suburban father, and convincingly too. In the episode "Dance Fever", Iggy just wants "one lousy dance" with his daughter , even going as far to croon a little ditty onstage to convince her. Within a year, and without missing a beat, Iggy was back to being his good ol' punk rock self recording a video for 1977's "Lust for Life." Nona Mecklenberg's dad: Punk Rock Innovator.

Just like Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse, Mickey Galie is the best friend a good time ever had.