9 Guardians Of The Galaxy Deleted Scenes You Need To See

These scenes didn't make it into Marvel's 2014 space epic.

Guardians of the Galaxy was undoubtedly one of the surprise movie successes of 2014. Marvel Studios took a huge risk even making the movie in the first place, as the characters and premise of the movie were almost entirely unfamiliar to mainstream audiences, and the budget of $170 million could have ended up being an extremely expensive waste. The movie's gross worldwide return of almost $773 million at the box office ensured Marvel Studios actually ended up making a huge profit from the obscure offering and a sequel is already planned for 2017. It was absolutely jam-packed with action, awesome special effects, humour and heart and, had every scene that was envisaged been included in the final version, it could have been even more so. In this article, those additional scenes which were produced but didn't make the final cut will be listed and described. Note that not all of these scenes are available online. The ones that are available as individual clips have been enclosed with that specific entry on the list and all of the ones that are available online are on the final page in a montage clip. The rest... well you'll have to look on the Blu-Ray for those!

Honourable Mention: Groot Distracted By A Bug

This scene only gets an honourable mention as it's clear from the version made public that it was never polished enough to be considered part of the final movie. In the scene, Rocket and Groot can be seen on Xandar discussing the 40,000 units they are set to earn by capturing Peter Quill and delivering him to Yondu and the Ravagers. Groot, however, is actually far more interested in a bug that is flying round the duo, much to Rocket's chagrin. Note that this scene can be seen as part of the montage clip on the final page of this article. And now on to the actual list...

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