9 Horror Movie Mistakes Confirmed By The Creators

8. A Crew Member In The Shot - The Descent

A Nightmare On Elm Street
Warner Bros.

One of the simplest tools to implement into a movie, with potentially the biggest upside, is the use of foreshadowing. Since audiences don’t know what they are looking for yet, certain clues and hints can be dropped by the director for later events in the movie to great effect.

It was thought that Neil Marshall masterfully made use of this technique during The Descent in 2005. The group of women who make the titular descent into an unknown cave system are eventually chased by beings known as crawlers, though it would appear that one could be seen in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment before they were ever even introduced to the film properly.

What actually happened however, was that for the briefest moment, there was a crew member caught on camera. So, there was no clever intentional foreshadowing at all, just someone who was supposed to be behind the camera getting caught in front of it.

Still, for those who haven’t listened to Marshall confirm exactly what happened on the DVD commentary, this could add another layer to the already creepy movie. It would have almost been better had the director kept his mouth shut and taken the credit for this stellar work.


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