9 Horror Movie Victims Who Gave Up... And Survived

How did they survive?

The Exorcist Karras
Warner Bros.

Even though we always hope a film's protagonist makes it to the end, that's not always the case, especially when it comes to horror. After being tormented relentlessly by a masked serial killer, aliens, or the forces of Hell, there are heroes who can't see any chance of surviving and so, decide to throw in the towel. Whether it's because they find themselves in a hapless situation, wish to sacrifice themselves to save another, or simply lose the will to live, some people just give up.

However, there are occasions where a character manages to survive, even after they said their goodbyes and willingly marched into the jaws of death. It just goes to show that, even when someone is fully prepared to meet their maker, fate can have other plans.

Naturally, viewers should be reassured when they see the hero didn't bite the dust, especially after he or she abandoned all hope. But this is not always so. There are survivors who suffered a fate so much worse than death, you understand why they were eager to shuffle off their mortal coil.

9. Bol - His House

The Exorcist Karras

In His House, Bol and Rial are forced to flee South Sudan when a civil war breaks out. After they receive accommodation in Britain, the pair attempt to adjust to their new life.

But after a spectre called an apeth invades their home, Bol and Rial are forced to face the sins of the past. Throughout the story, it's heavily implied the pair are having relationship problems because their daughter, Nyagak, died while escaping South Sudan.

Through a flashback, we discover the reality is far worse. While Bol was in Sudan, he learned the buses set to leave the country were only letting on people with children. Out of desperation, Bol snatched a girl called Nyagak and passed her off as her own to guarantee his place on the bus. Even though Rial saw what Bol did, she said nothing.

After Bol and Rial acknowledge their misdeeds, the apeth informs them that it will resurrect Nyagak if Bol "repays the debt". Wanting to atone, Bol allows the creature to burrow into his body, causing him to experience unimaginable pain.

Just as the apeth is about to kill Bol, Rial cuts the apeth's throat, nullifying the deal. In the final scene, we see Bol and Rial have accepted the evil they committed, and are trying their best to move on.


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