9 Insane Ways Oscar Winners Trained For Movie Blockbusters

Gym Gordon. Get it?

JK Simmons Justice League
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If Alicia Vikander's impressive physical prep for her recent Tomb Raider adaptation proves anything, it's that she was uncommonly committed to a role that, in honesty, she most certainly could've phoned in without torturing her body quite so much.

Her visceral performance is one of the film's major high-points, though. Not bad for an Oscar winner who could so easily be "above" this sort of thing at this stage in her career.

She's not alone, though. These 9 actors are all Oscar winners who went on to give their bodies and minds hell - largely by gaining muscle, cultivating mass and going full method - to play a role in a blockbuster movie. Without question, they went above and beyond the call of duty just about any reasonable audience member would expect of them.

They get mad props for not just mailing in their performances, but at the same time, there lies a fine line between brilliance and madness...


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