9 Insanely Misjudged Moments That Totally Ruined Movies

Did Spider-Man 3 REALLY need to show us Peter Parker dancing like an absolute clown?

Rough Night

Have you ever been watching a movie that you're really enjoying, and everything is clicking together perfectly - only to arrive at a specific scene that just feels... off?

Anyone who's a regular film watcher will have encountered this situation many times before: those moments where a good movie throws its potential out the window (or even those moments where a bad movie becomes even worse) by delivering a misjudged scene that pulls you right out of the story, souring the movie as a whole.

Maybe it's a scene that feels tonally jarring when compared to the rest of the film, or even something that's so completely and utterly bizarre that it becomes the first thing you think of when the movie pops into your head - and not in a good way.

While all of these movies aren't terrible (some are genuinely quite strong), they were nonetheless badly damaged by one stupid scene.

In all cases, it's amazing that the filmmakers actually thought these moments were okay, because their movies would've been a lot better if they'd been tweaked, trimmed, or even removed entirely.

9. Nick And Chris' Bathroom Chat - The Mummy

Rough Night
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Unlike the Brendan Fraser movies, 2017's The Mummy was aiming to be a more serious take on the property - less Pirates Of The Caribbean campy fun, and a bit more of that grit that has defined countless reboots since 2005's Batman Begins.

This in mind then, there's a point in the movie where it completely loses sight of its more sombre atmosphere, which contributes to this mixed bag of a film that feels like it doesn't really know what it's trying to be.

The character of Chris Vail (played by Jake Johnson) becomes possessed early on, turning him into a zombie-like monster who mindlessly tries to kill people, including Tom Cruise's protagonist, Nick Morton. Chris brutally stabs an innocent man in the chest - twice - and later, he appears in a morgue to deliver Nick an ominous message, and all of these events are played with a deadly serious tone.

But then, for no good reason, the tone in Chris' next appearance is completely flipped on its head. He encounters Nick in the bathroom of a pub, and all of a sudden, he's cracking jokes, talking in a much more upbeat voice, and generally just acting quite normally. It doesn't help that Johnson is primarily known as a comedic actor, which only adds to the distraction.

This whole bathroom exchange is really confusing to watch, almost like the filmmakers forgot how they had previously used Chris. And when the filmmakers themselves seem clueless? It's hard to take the rest of the movie seriously.


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