9 Insulting Ways Characters Were Killed Off Between Movies

9. Newt And Hicks Crash Land - Alien 3

Alien 3 Newt Hicks Dead

It wouldn't be a list about characters killed off-screen without Newt and Hicks from Aliens, which is the go-to example for this kind of infuriating mistreatment of characters fans adored.

Its popularity doesn't make it any less frustrating though, and going into Alien 3 blind and realising that two out of the three survivors of Aliens had died between sequels (two of the best characters in that movie, no less), is the first sign the film is going to be disappointing.

The worst thing is that their deaths could have meant something. Ripley inability to once again make it home and crashing after defeating the xenomorphs in Aliens acts as the tragic crux of the film, and her losing her two closest allies so unceremoniously could have added to that.

However, the abruptness of the revelation, as well as the ugliness of how they're dispatched, feels wholly unnecessary at best, and at worst undermines the heroic final act of Aliens, as well as wasting the relationship forged between Ripley and Newt. It's been over 25 years, but fans still aren't over it.


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