9 More Horror Movie Wishes That Went Horribly Wrong

From The Shining to Hellraiser, we look at nine more horror movie wishes that went terribly!

Colour Out Of Space
RLJE Films

A while back, a list was made about ten horror movie wishes that went horribly wrong. Obviously, we missed a few and your wish has been granted for more.

The message of these dreams gone wrong came with the same tagline: be careful what you wish for, and it’s a shame that these poor saps didn’t listen. After all, if something is too good to be true, especially in a horror movie, then it usually is!

We’ve seen the effects that wishes can have in regular movies, and given that horror films tend to be a little crueller to their characters, you bet that these wishes really don’t turn out as planned!

Unlike a horror film however, we’ve got your best interests at heart so as a special treat, we’ve dug up ten more horror movie wishes that went horribly wrong so you can continue to be entertained by the misfortune of others. You sicko.

9. Colour Out Of Space: Wishing To Leave The Farm

Colour Out Of Space
RLJE Films

This film has earned a bit of a reputation as another bonkers Nic Cage flick, similar to 2018’s Mandy. But this sci-fi horror has so much more going for it that than that, including a wish that arguably sets the whole plot rolling along its path of Lovecraftian madness.

In the opening scene, Wiccan daughter Lavinia (played by Madeleine Arthur) wishes for her mother’s cancer to be eradicated by appealing to otherworldly and higher powers. Oh, and she happens to use the Necronomicon.

This fictional staple of Lovecraft’s world never has anything good come from it – just ask Ash from the Evil Dead movies, he’ll tell you!

The meteorite that then crashes onto the idyllic alpaca farm is arguably summoned by Lavinia’s meddling with forces she doesn’t understand, but she doesn’t stop there!

When things get increasingly worse for the family, Lavinia again decides to draw on her trusty little book of evil and destruction to wish to be taken out of this mess and leave the farm. A bit of incantation here, bit of self mutilation for a blood sacrifice there, and the deal is sealed.

At the end of the film, Lavinia’s family are dead and she becomes fully absorbed into the entity from the meteorite itself, vanishing into the aether. So she did leave the farm as she wished to… just not as she had planned.


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