9 Most Insane Film Stunts You Won't Believe Actors Performed

Those poor, terrified insurance companies...

Sure, every actor likes to have a pop at the occasional stunt; it's all part of the fun of the job. A lot of them would even like to do the really crazy stuff, the leaping off of buildings or the precarious fights along balustrades. Usually the studio steps in and says no for insurance reasons, but every now and then you get the hard-nut actor who wants to crack on with it themselves, either for authenticity or pride's sake.

Lord knows how frightened these studio execs must be every time they agree to their Hollywood starlet putting themselves on the line - provided they actually know about it, at least. There's been more than one occasion when it comes to the day of filming a stunt and the star of the show persuades the director to just let them have a cheeky go. Luckily, that usually ends well, as evidenced by some of the entries on this list.

Take a look at this selection of absolutely insane stunts, impressively performed by actors who legitimately have excuses for not having to do said stunts in the first place. They've definitely gained the respect due for actually performing this crazy sh*t themselves.

9. Zoe Bell - Death Proof

Okay, so this one might be cheating a little bit, considering that Zoe Bell is a stuntwoman by trade. But seeing as she does play an actual character in the film, and then go onto perform her own stunt, I'll allow it. Her panic-inducing stint on the hood of a Dodge Challenger is nothing to balk at - Bell must have serious nerves of steel to climb onto that thing. Not only was it doing lord-knows-how-many miles per hour, but there was also the matter of Stuntman Mike's (Kurt Russell) Charger continuously ramming into it. From the look of things, there's not even any safety equipment in place. Hardcore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmR4EDiHono

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