9 Movie Actors So Attractive Their Co-Stars Forgot Their Lines

These actors are so hot they actually ruined their co-stars' takes.

the change up
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Though it might seem like a dream profession to many, acting is a lot harder than it looks - imbuing lines of dialogue with emotional authenticity and maintaining that throughout a scene requires intense concentration and commitment to one's craft.

And while it's no secret that even the best actors on the planet regularly flub their lines, it isn't always simply because they had a temporary lapse in concentration. Or, more to the point, there was a very specific reason why they forgot their lines: the co-star they were sharing the scene with was just too damn good-looking.

It's only inevitable that actors will end up working opposite extremely attractive people, their line of work being what it is, and sometimes an actor is so taken with their co-star's handsomeness that they can't fully concentrate on the scene in question.

We've all set eyes upon someone so absurdly attractive that we lost our train of thought, though these actors all experienced this mildly embarrassing phenomenon in the middle of a film shoot, requiring them to take another stab at the scene.

In the very least, we know that these actors didn't want for romantic chemistry...

9. Mads Mikkelsen - Hannibal

the change up

Unlike every other entry on this list, we actually have video evidence of this flub in action.

Throughout the TV show Hannibal, Gillian Anderson made recurring appearances as Hannibal Lecter's (Mads Mikkelsen) psychotherapist Bedelia Du Maurier, and in one season three episode, the pair end up kissing.

From one of the bloopers included on the show's home video release, we can see first-hand that Anderson got a little too into the smooch with the chisel-jawed Mikkelsen and ended up forgetting what she was supposed to do next.

After the kiss, Anderson breaks character and whispers to Mads, "Did I forget a line?," before busting into laughter. Considering that Mikkelsen has been voted the sexiest man in Denmark several times, it's difficult to blame her for losing her place here.


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