9 Movie Biopics Despised By Their Own Subjects

American Gangster

We all love getting riled up by a good (or bad) biopic; nothing brings out our inner amateur historian more than a biopic or war epic that we suppose to have fudged its facts. This takes on a whole other dimension, however, when the very people involved - usually the focal subjects - sit down and watch the film, and find themselves stunned at the (apparent) hackjob that has been performed on their life story. Though many subjects opt not to watch films about themselves - Margaret Thatcher and her family reportedly never watched The Iron Lady - some just can't seem to resist. The result? Often, it's agreement with the final result, but if we're honest with ourselves, don't we want to see something a little juicier? These 10 factual movies were publicly derided by their real-life counterparts, and we as audiences got to sit back and enjoy the carnage...

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