9 Movie Deaths You Hear Off-Screen That You Probably Missed The First Time

8. The Hotel Desk Clerk - No Country For Old Men

The Dark Knight

Who can forget the insanely intense hotel shootout between hero Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) and assassin Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem) in the middle of No Country for Old Men?

It's a brilliantly suspenseful scene, so much in fact that you might initially fail to notice Chigurh murdering an innocent bystander off-screen.

At the start of the scene, we see Moss talk to the desk clerk (Marc Miles) while checking in, and moments later while Moss is in his room he discovers that the money has a tracking device hidden in it.

We then hear an ambiguous scuffling sound, which alerts Moss to Chigurh's arrival at the hotel, though if you listen closely you can also hear a yell.

Given that Moss runs past the front desk while making his escape and finds the area dishevelled and abandoned, it's clear that Chigurh killed the clerk to prevent him from reporting his presence to Moss, as Moss requested while checking in.

To the passive observer the commotion might simply sound like Chigurh breaking into the hotel, but he's actually brutally disposing of the clerk before proceeding to hunt Moss.


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