9 Movie Plot Holes Confirmed By The Creators

Homecoming's timeline makes no sense at all.

Spider Man Homecoming
Marvel Studios

In the age of online film discourse, a movie doesn't need to be out in the wild for more than a day before fans are eagerly breaking down every single narrative thread in pursuit of apparent "plot holes."

And while this will often result in over-enthusiastic film buffs wringing their hands over unexplained details which, in fact, are anything but plot holes, there are certainly times where the evidence is undeniable.

Though most directors, writers and producers won't even bother addressing these issues, every so often a filmmaker will take on the challenge, usually by way of ass-pulling an excuse out of nowhere to cover their hides.

But rarely, we'll actually see a major creative force behind a movie fall on their sword and concede that, yes, their movie is saddled with an undeniable plot hole.

Now, for the most part these holes aren't so overwhelmingly obvious that they destroy one's ability to enjoy the movie on its own terms, but the moral victory of convincing an artist they screwed up speaks for itself...


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