9 Movie Scenes That Completely Change Their Film

One scene is not like the others...

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When picking out a movie, you almost always have a rough idea of what it's going to entail. You know if you're watching a schmaltzy love story in a rom-com, it'll be tied up with a happy ending, or that you'll be regaled with supernatural jump-scares in a horror, or just get a messy joyride of whatever he deems as acting at the time in a Nic Cage film.

But then sometimes, in a self-aware flex that snaps audiences out of their expectation stupor, a movie scene plays out that changes our perception of the whole thing entirely.

Whether it flips a movie into a new and unexpected genre out of left field, adds an entirely different context to character arcs and decisions, or strikes a devastating blow that means you can never watch the damn thing in the same way again knowing what's coming - filmmakers love to throw curve balls that leave audiences reeling.

Some are subtle, some are not, but all of these scenes deliver that same base-level 'what the f*ckery' that transforms the film we signed up for into something else entirely...

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