9 Movie Sequels That Ruined Great Characters

Character development? More like character devolution.


We live in an age in which sequels and prequels seem kind of inevitable. As soon as a movie is successful, you can almost hear the Hollywood execs rubbing their hands together and dreaming up ways to turn the film into a cash grab franchise.

Sometimes it’s not always such a bad thing. We’ve seen some hugely successful franchises emerge in recent years that managed to keep up the quality of their films at least for the most part – take the MCU, for example, or The Lord of the Rings.

But as anyone with a couple of movie sequels under their belt can tell you, for the most part they pale in comparison to the original movie bar a few outstanding examples. Beyond all the usual sins often committed by sequels – rehashing old storylines, digging up plot holes and the like – they also have a tendency to butcher some previously brilliant characters.

Often sequels add an unnecessary amount of backstory that completely destroys the mystique or appeal of a character or recast a role with a new actor whose interpretation off the character feels off. Sometimes it’s simply down to the overexposure sequels give a character – there’s only so much of a character you can take before someone that previously felt like a breath of fresh starts to feel stale and hackneyed.

Whatever the reason, these sequels are all guilty of one thing – ruining characters we once loved.


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