9 Movies With Way Too Much Gratuitous Nudity

8. What?


Roman Polanski's little-seen 1973 improvised comedy What? contains little else besides gratuitous sex and nudity. The film chronicles the Alice in Wonderland-like journey of a young American girl, Nancy, who takes shelter in an Italian villa after escaping from a would-be rapist.

The inhabitants of the villa are wacky, sex-crazed characters who menace and taunt Nancy during her stay. Nancy spends the majority of the feature topless, or, in various states of undress. Among the many sexual mishaps she must endure, one of the most galling occurs when she awakes to find a strange man performing cunnilingus on her in her sleep, at which point he angrily demands what she thinks she's doing in the villa.

This odd, and extremely sexist film, will literally cause you to say "What?" during most of the run time. Polanski's only apparent motivation in making this slapdash feature was to have an excuse to film star Sydne Rome naked.

What? remains an aberration in Polanski's filmography, wedged in-between his adaptation of Macbeth and his masterpiece Chinatown, and is of interest only to Polanski completists or film buffs interested in abundant nudity.


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