9 Plot Holes That Totally Ruined Jurassic World

"Plot holes, uh, find a way..."

After setting an all-time box office record in its opening weekend, grossing an astonishing $511 million dollars, it's clear that Jurassic World is a huge financial success (not that anybody assumed it wouldn't be, though). And whilst it's clearly made an impact at the box office, critics have been generally warm towards the film with most proclaiming the long-awaited sequel to be big, dumb fun - less science-y than the original, but worth the wait. So, though Jurassic World lacks the "intelligence" of Jurassic Park, it does succeed in the thrills department, whilst also managing to walk the fine line between rehash and reboot with an admirable amount of skill. That's to say, Jurassic World embraces its origins but does not attempt to simply repeat what has already been done; as both a tribute and a continuation to a blockbuster behemoth with an insurmountable legacy, it does very well. But where Jurassic World succeeds in sheer action, it lacks in the logic department. That's to say, there are quite a lot of moments scattered throughout Jurassic World with the power to make you say: "What the hell?" Moments in which characters act in the exact opposite way than you'd expect them to; moments where the theme park itself seems to make no sense; moments where the established logic of the Jurassic Park universe disappears. Here, then, are 9 plot holes that - when you look closely at them - let the movie down...

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