9 Ridiculous Movies With Multiple Plot Twists

A dash of exposition, a sprinkle of editing, and whoops! There goes the whole bottle of twists!

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Sometimes, one plot twist just isn't enough. It's almost a given that a film will have some sort of narrative subversion nowadays, which means that despite popular belief - less is definitely not more.

In fact, some movies take it upon themselves to make the opposite entirely true, peppering their narratives with as many twists and turns as possible to lock their audiences into a feature-length rollercoaster. If you're not questioning your own fundamental sense of being at the end of the movie, did it really have enough plot twists?

With enough rug pulls to give you a serious carpet burn and stories so twisted they belong on a pretzel stand, these are the films that laugh in the face of one measly surprise, ham-fisting in as many as possible for the no matter how ridiculous their plots become in the process.

God bless movies that truly don't give a sh*t.

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