9 Seriously Smart Movies That Trick You By Having Two Twists

8. Everyone's A Ghost. Everyone - The Others

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The Movie: The Others is a petrifying ghost chiller, yet you won't lose a second of sleep over it thanks to an emotive twist that deftly releases the tension in a fitting, satisfying way. Going against the rules I stated in the intro, you actually know there's going to be some big reveal here thanks to the sheer amount of mysteries that Alejandro AmenĂ¡bar sets up - Nicole Kidman's family is being haunted, just as a new trio of servants arrives - although he avoids making it guessable by having two.

The First Twist: The movie first deals with the new help, who have gradually been show to know much more than they let on. Unveiling a trio of tombstones, it's revealed they're actually ghosts who died in the 1800s.

The Second Twist: But even then not everything adds up - there's been other mysterious goings on in the house, and eventually Kidman's Grace must confront them. It's only then the family learn that they too are ghosts, and that the noises around the house are the new, real-world inhabitants trying to deal with their haunting problem; they hold a seance, learning that Grace killed her children in grief over her husband before shooting herself, prompting the now-aware family to stake a ghostly claim to "their house".


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