9 Shocking Wardrobe Malfunctions That Somehow Made It Into Films

4. Julia Roberts - Pretty Woman

Julia Roberts famously has no-nudity clauses in the vast majority of her movies due to her distaste for disrobing, but early in her career, an on-the-rise Roberts did briefly flash some nipple in her star-making, Oscar-nominated performance in Pretty Woman. Near the end of the film, her character appears in a skimpy, sheer nightie, where her chest is pretty much visible anyway. However, when she gets down to some sexy time with Richard Gere, there's an incredibly fleeting but totally clear moment where, when she removes her nightie, her bare chest, nipple and all, can be seen. Though it's widely known that Roberts had a body double for most of her up-close body shots in the film, Roberts' face is visible during the shot, and considering that she likely didn't expect the camera to pick up anything, it's clearly a legit work of stolen nudity.

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