9 Subversive Horror Movies That Aren't What You Expect

Expecting the unexpected? Expect differently.

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Breaking the rules has become something of a rule with modern horror movies. Just when you think you've got the genre figured out with all its reliable trope machinery happily churning away - like virgins being sacrificed, horrifying repulsive monsters, and final girls hacking their way to the end credits - something new bursts onto the screen that throws a big old spanner into the works, and flips audience expectation on its head.

Instead, we end up with virgins throwing their white robes to the wind, poor sympathetic monsters, and final girls being anything but final, in a desperate bid to flip the script on what we already know. Often, this is how new rules are introduced and celebrated within the genre since innovation breeds copycats, but the first film that does something completely abnormal for average horror is always beloved.

Going into a movie with expectations on what you're going to get is almost impossible to avoid in a world of internet hype and over-enthusiastic trailers. Fortunately, however, these are the films that managed to successfully slash their way to something entirely unexpected...

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