9 Ways The Batman V Superman Trailer Proves The Movie Will Suck

Does he bleed? Who cares.

This is it. This is the biggie. The so-called deciding factor in the whole thing. The moment when all that naysaying is rendered moot and suddenly everyone gets on board what has thus far been a heavily divisive production. For nigh on two years Batman V Superman has been limping its way towards its big March 2016 release date (pushed back from Summer 2015) and there hasn't been a single development that's been worthy of anything more than high derision. Throwing Batman into the Man Of Steel sequel rather than trying to get rid of all memories of that disaster; adding in the entire Justice League supporting cast to forcibly set up a wider Cinematic Universe; tacking on the Dawn Of Justice subtitle because including all those characters make the whole Batman V Superman part seem like an afterthought; that Aquaman design: how can people still have faith in this? And so here we are with the trailer. The first proper footage of the make-or-break film for the DC Cinematic Universe, this is Zack Snyder's chance to excite the fans and, much more importantly, win back those he's turned off. Does he succeed? Like hell he does. Here are nine reasons why the new Batman V Superman trailer is just terrible.
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