9 Weirdly Erotic Scenes From Family Films

Did they think PG stood for Pulsating Genitals?

Howard The Duck Duck Boobs
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Despite what your ultra-conservative aunt might tell you, sex is a wonderful, natural thing. And not every movie that features some carnal activity is feckless smut that will send you straight to hell if you watch it. And no, sexy movies aren't responsible for creating sexual deviants, just like violent video games aren't the primary source for creating psychopaths.

That said, there's a time and a place for filmmakers to show a little salaciousness. And it's probably not when your target demographic hasn't yet mastered basic arithmetic.

To be clear, there's nothing inherently wrong with showing a bit of skin in a family film. Nudity's our natural state, after all, and showing children a healthy naked body surely helps remove some of the societal stigma. But when nudity is used in a family film specifically for arousal, that's where things can get a little queazy.

We're not talking about some cutesy sexual innuendo or some innocently-placed nether regions, either. These filmmakers clearly had one thing on their mind when they crafted these scenes, and it wasn't sugar, spice, or anything nice.

9. Space Jam - Lola Goes Full Sexpot

Howard The Duck Duck Boobs
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Any young man making the transition into puberty likely had a very confusing time figuring out why certain body parts got all tingly when Space Jam first introduced Bugs and the rest of the gang to Lola Bunny.

When she first walks into the gym (wearing short shorts and a crop top, of course) to try out for the basketball team, she's given the generic saxophone cue, which is musical shorthand for "this is sexy". Bugs does his googly-eyes schtick, Lola does a little butt wiggle, and then is pretty much gone from the movie (until the final game) less than a minute later.

It's as if the character was introduced not just only to cash in on little girls who wanted their own version of Bugs Bunny, but on furries who had rubbed all the fabric off their old Gadget and Mrs. Brisby stuffed animals. (If that joke is too specific for you, congratulations on being a well-adjusted adult not obsessed with Chip n' Dale or The Secret of NIMH.)

While it's great that Lola is shown to be more than capable of holding her own on the basketball court with her male counterparts, the "girl power" aspect of her character is often overshadowed by her hip-wiggling and doe eyes.


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