9 Worst Movie Accents Of Sean Connery

Whether it's England's most notable spy, Russian Soviet naval captain or an Irish-American cop in Al Capone's Chicago... they all sounded like they came from Edinburgh.

It's almost instinctive to imitate Sean Connery's famed Scottish burr when you speak about him. Along with his handsome looks and Mr. Universe physique, Connery's distinctive voice is what made him famous. Connery's voice not only helped make him become one of the most popular actors of the twentieth century, but it also helped him earn numerous distinguished honors including acting awards, knighthood, and even People Magazine's "Sexiest Man of the Century." One of the reasons why Connery has such a famous voice is because he hardly ever changed the way he spoke, no matter what part he was playing. While Connery played characters from all over the world, almost all of them ended up suspiciously sounding like they were born in Edinburgh. Despite strong performances in these roles, Connery's inability to alter his accent often added some unintentional humour to his movies. None of this takes away the fact that Connery was an excellent actor even if he was terrible at hiding his most distinguishing feature. Actually, it is a testament to his ability and presence as an actor that he was still cast in roles that he was vocally unsuitable for. Now that Connery is several years into his well-deserved retirement, there's nothing wrong with pointing out the times in his career that he just didn't sound like the character he was supposed to be playing. Here are nine examples of when Sean Connery's voice just wasn't right for his role.
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