9 Worst Performances In Acclaimed 2018 Movies

Could Meryl Streep scoop a Razzie?

Mary Poppins Returns Topsy Meryl Streep

We recently listed the best performances in 2018's worst movies, but what about those terrible performances that managed to sneak into good movies?

Even great films can unfortunately force audiences to suffer through some wonky acting, either because the casting department screwed up or the director just didn't gel with the actor in question (and apparently didn't have the heart to replace them).

These 9 movies were are well-received by critics - that is, scoring at least 60% on the Tomatometer - yet each also featured a single shambles of a performance.

Either distractingly out-of-place, badly cast or straight-up wooden, these performances are dead weight in otherwise entertaining movies, most of them ensemble films packed with solid performances.

And hell, a few of the culprits here are even beloved, award-winning A-listers who really should know better.

Thankfully many of the offending roles are small enough not to detract from the overall experience too much, while others just force you to grin and bear it every time they're on screen...


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