UPDATED: Crazy Red Band trailer for TROPIC THUNDER!

Now online for your viewing pleasure!

UPDATED: Here is the trailer in all it's bloody glory.You can see it HERE, it's U.S. restricted but the zip code 27605 will work just fine for ya.Now don't you dare go and tell me that this movie hasn't won you over yet. Funny as shit. And best of all - this movie should inspire Quentin Tarantino to finish his damn WW-II ensemble screenplay! END OF UPDATE
I've just been informed that a blood and guts, red-band trailer for Tropic Thunder will be going live at 6pm tonight in the U.K. over at the movie's official website. The trailer will never be shown in theatres and is restricted to the Internet only. Remember, 6pm HERE. To see Robert Downey Jr - do this kind of role soon after becoming a REAL movie star with Iron Man - is just going to be one hell of a fascinating performance. It may well over-shadow the film but hey, when has that never happened with Rob before!

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