A History of Horribly Haunted Objects in Horror Films

The EVIL Doll

As the kings of scary possessed objects, dolls have held their ground in horror films since the first unsettling cutaway to a seemingly innocent porcelain face. They€™ve been exploited on numerous occasions to elicit fear in the part of us that never wanted to grow up. When you€™re talking about killer dolls, which is always a popular conversation piece, you€™re mind inevitably goes to Chucky and his crowning moment when he first bursts into life as Karen Barclay threatens to throw him into the fire. His friendly facade is stripped away and he assaults her with an explosion of obscenities, followed by bites and scratches like a wild animal. Here is the epitome of sacred object perversion; a child€™s play thing turned foul mouthed psycho killer. Obviously Child€™s Play isn€™t the only film where pesky presents run amuck. Who could forget the scary clown doll from Poltergeist or the energetic Zuni Fetish Doll from Trilogy of Terror? Or Charles Band€™s persistent obsession with small killer things that permeate his Full Moon Pictures including The Puppet Master series, Demonic Toys and Dolls, to name a few. But if you think those are scraping the bottom of the barrel, please see the Child€™s Play rip-offs Dolly Dearest and Pinocchio€™s Revenge. They€™ll have you begging for your dolly back.
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