A Nightmare On Elm Street: 10 Ways The Reboot Can Make It Work

9. Bring Back Robert Englund (For A BIt)

Much as a new iteration of the character might not want to admit it, at this stage, Robert Englund is synonymous with Freddy Krueger. Appreciating that Mister Englund is perhaps a little long in the tooth to be prancing about in the old jumper and glove (plus, of course, he might not even want to), we're not arguing that he go so far as to reprise the character. Indeed, a fresh start might be what the series needs. But still, there should be a passing of the glove type moment, even if it's just a cameo from Englund, playing a sinister background character, dream demon master (an angle the series has never really explored) or crazy old fool warning the kids of their imminent demise. Have a little fun with it - get Englund to play a disguised Freddy in one of the nightmare sequences. In a series which deals specifically with dreams and fantasy, there's plenty of room to fit the man in if you really wanted to.

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