A Nightmare On Elm Street Quiz: How Well Do You Know Freddy Krueger?

One, two, Freddy's quizzing with you...

Freddy Krueger
New Line

With 8 movies under his belt and a tendency to not stay particularly dead no matter how many times he gets unceremoniously offed, Freddy Krueger has become a staple of the horror genre for better or for worse. Considering his gratuitous kill count sassy running commentary, it's definitely for the better.

But how well do you really know the burned out dream demon? Just how dedicated is your Freddy fandom? Do you really have the ultimate nightmare knowledge?

Sharpen your claw glove, adjust your fedora, and prove yourself a true fan: or never sleep again...

1. Who Is The Only Actor That's Portrayed Freddy Krueger (Before 2010) Other Than Robert Englund?


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