A Quiet Place Part II Review: 6 Ups & 4 Downs

A solid, if flawed, sequel.

A Quiet Place Part II Emily Blunt

A year after it was originally due to release in cinemas, A Quiet Place Part II is finally here, and with its early U.S. box office smashing pandemic-era records, there's hope that it will help usher in a more prosperous second half for 2021 at the movies.

On its own merits John Krasinski's hotly anticipated horror sequel is a rock solid if perhaps slightly underwhelming sequel - beautifully crafted, well-acted, and yet a little empty. An efficient, technically sharp follow-up that ultimately feels like a fairly unimaginative retread.

That said, the film has largely racked up positive reviews from critics, and while it doesn't get close to replicating the gut-wrenching ingenuity of the original, it's likely to leave most fans of the first film satisfied, as long as their expectations are set appropriately.

Is it a masterful sequel for the ages? Not a chance, but it does just enough to expand the world of the original while effectively giving fans more of what they liked the first time.

Above all else, director Krasinski proves he's sure to be a majorly in-demand genre filmmaker when his work on this series is over - because, yes, A Quiet Place Part III is inevitably already in the works...


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