Aaron Eckhart goes Traveling

us-aaron-eckhart-thank-jason.jpgAaron Eckhart is set to star in the Universal Pictures drama Traveling, which will begin shooting next year. Brandon Camp will make his directorial debut with the flick. He is probably best known for writing the screenplay to the 2002 movie Dragonfly, which he collaborated with Mike Thompson who is also on board for this drama.
Eckhart will play a widower whose book about grieving turns him into a phenomenon. Reinvented as a charismatic self-help guru, he falls for a woman at a seminar and is forced to confront the fact that he hasn't come to grips with his own loss.
Variety claim the movie to be a serious drama so don't expect any Rom-Com softly-softly touches like Eckhart suddenly falling for this new love and it all being plain sailing with touches of light humour and slapstick comedy. This actually promises to be quite dark with some similar sounding themes to that of Vertigo. Will Eckhart like Jimmy Stewart try and make this new love dress, walk and talk like his dead lover?
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