6 Actors With The Most Oscar Wins

These guys better have a strong mantlepiece.

FILE - In this March 30, 1975 file photo, actor Jack Nicholson, named best actor of 1975 by the Motion Picture Academy, holds the Oscar he won for his role in
The only thing better than winning an Oscar, is winning multiple Oscars. Taking home an Academy Award is one of the biggest confirmations of talent an actor can receive. Although there's an element of relativity (it does, to a degree, depend on the calibre of the competition) if in that night in late February a performer takes home a golden baldie then it's safe to say they're in the upper echelons of Hollywood talent. Best Actor and Best Actress have been a mainstay of the awards since their inception in 1928, with Best Supporting Actor and Actress introduced less than a decade in. So naturally there's been a sizeable number of winners over the past century, and a fair few multiple winners. Over thirty have managed to bag two acting awards, ranging from Hollywood royalty to more recent break-out stars, but some have gone one (or, in a single case, two) better. Winning three or more Oscars requires many things - on top of the expected talent, it needs an eye for quality projects and an ability to produce a consistent output, sometimes over decades. With awards season just kicking into gear, take a look back over the most highly awarded actors in Oscar history.

6. Katherine Hepburn


Number of Oscars: 4

Won For: Morning Glory (Best Actress - 1932), Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (Best Actress - 1967), The Lion in Winter (Best Actress - 1968), On Golden Pond (Best Actress - 1981)

The most Oscar wins out of any actor ever (and all for the lead). Hepburn is so much Hollywood royalty, Cate Blanchett won an Oscar just for playing her.


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