Actually, Avengers 4 ISN'T Called Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet

Zoe Saldana was actually just "misspeaking".

Infinity Gauntlet
Marvel Comics

After Kevin Feige announced that the real Avengers 4 title was being kept under wraps because it spoils a big part of Avengers: Infinity War, that title suddenly became one of the most pertinent mysteries in the MCU. Almost as quickly, Zoe Saldana was suggested to have ruined it all by revealing that the film was actually going to be called Infinity Gauntlet, just as the first part of the Infinity Saga trilogy was called in the comics (interestingly, the second was called Infinity War).

But now, that's been almost as quickly debunked as it appeared, thanks to Saldana's director for Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2.

James Gunn is hard on the publicity trails for Guardians 2, along with Saldana, and he spoke to Yahoo to confirm that it's just not true. Because presumably, he knows what the real title is.


“It’s not the title. My guess is that Zoë just misspoke. I’ll talk to Zoë today, but I would imagine that is just Zoë misspeaking and saying Infinity Gauntlet instead of Infinity War.”

Saldana had spoken to the BBC’s Lizo Mzimba to say the following, which is the source of the original story:


We’re in the middle of it, I think that the Guardians just shot their part when it comes to Infinity War’s, like, the first part. And we all have to go back for Gauntlet later this year.

That doesn't sound like she's misspeaking to be honest, and it may be the case that that's what the production are referring to the film as at this stage. But it wouldn't have made sense for that to be the title: not least because it doesn't really spoil any of Infinity War at all. We know the Gauntlet is Thanos' objective, so it's not like calling it that is particularly spoilerific, beyond suggesting that he succeeds.


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