After The Dark Knight Rises: 10 Films Chris Nolan Could Direct Next

2. The Prisoner

Chris Nolan once had plans to remake the cult British tv sci-fi series from the 60's that focused on a former secret agent who was held prisoner in a strange coastal village resort where his captors try and work out why he wanted to resign. The show was full of 1960 counter-cultural ideas and themes and was pretty out there with it's surreal imagery and fantasy elements but was a childhood favourite of Nolan's who had an idea for how to make it work on the big screen. His version of The Prisoner however seems pretty dead in the water since it was reported that Chris had halted his plans to make a feature film out of the show back in 2009. It didn€™t help that there was a crappy TV miniseries in that same year starring both Gandalf (Ian McKellen) and Jesus (Jim Caviezel). On paper that sounds like an awesome idea but it really wasn€™t executed well. However nothing is ever truly dead in Hollywood and the chance to resuscitate this film might just come along if it gets the right backing. With a good script €“ supposedly the last one was written by the same team that wrote the excellent Twelve Monkeys €“ who€™s to say that Christopher Nolan couldn€™t be tempted back to breathe new life into the franchise? After all he€™s proven recently that he€™s rather good at reboots. Who Would Star?: No name was ever attached to Nolan's version but we can't help but feel his Inception star Leonardo DiCaprio would do well stepping into Patrick McGoohan's shoes. Likelihood as Nolan's Next Movie?: The tepid response to the revamped TV show seems to have killed this feature outright, though with Nolan's blank cheque and if he gets the right leading man, this one could easily get going again.

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