Aladdin: FINALLY Disney Reveals Will Smith's Proper Blue Genie

It's better, but it's not perfect.

Aladdin Will Smith Genie

With the marketing for Guy Ritchie's upcoming live action remake of Aladdin hitting the skids a little thanks to the first look images that didn't exactly enthuse everyone, Disney need to do better with their approach to selling the movie.

Already, there's been criticisms that it looks like a pantomime and that Will Smith's genie should never have been revealed in human form before we got to see him as everyone remembers the genie: as a big, blue loveable fellow. For whatever reason - most likely the misguided idea that Will Smith's appearance was a bigger sell than one of the most recognisable characters in modern animation history - that's the way they went and Smith himself was forced to clarify that he wouldn't look like himself the entire time.

Now, finally, we're getting a proper look at the proper blue version of the genie as he was always meant to be. Disney have released a new TV spot ahead of the film's release in late May. There's already been one brief teaser trailer - released back in October - but since then it's been all quiet other than those divisive images, which is a little odd in itself for a film of this size.

The new Special Look came during the 61st Annual Grammy Awards on CBS initially and features Smith's slightly doughy-looking genie, confirming that he is entirely CGI. It's an improvement, in that it's the classic look, but there's something a little uneasy about his look. At least the rest of the film looks grand and opulent (there's very much a big budget Bollywood feel to some of those sequences)...

Some of the shots make the genie look better than others (like the one below), but it all gets a bit weirder when he moves around. Let's hope they're still working on the polish of his effects or something.

Aladdin Blue Genie

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