Aladdin Trailer Breakdown: 10 Things You Need To See

The new trailer finally reveals what kind of film this is going to be, for better or worse...


After months of releasing teasers featuring the smallest amount of footage possible, Disney has finally released a full-length Aladdin trailer that gives audiences a real look at exactly what kind of film it's going to actually be.

Of course, this trailer is made all the more interesting by exactly how much is riding on it. The marketing plan for Aladdin has not exactly gone as planned. From online backlash to each respective teaser and image, to a growing sense of unease surrounding the film's box office potential, the film seemed to be actively digging its own grave.

Which meant that the House of Mouse had to deliver a trailer that not only made people care about this again, it had to make up for a ton of lost ground from over the last few months.

So does this new trailer succeed in selling audiences on this new version of Aladdin or is it just another online backlash waiting to happen?

10. Bollywood Colors


One of the most striking things about the new trailer is just how vibrant and colorful a lot of the practical design elements of Agrabah seem to be.

In the original animated film, the location was mostly characterized by sand-like colors that served as excellent canvases for the purples and oranges that played such a role in the film's larger color palette. The trailer for the new film, however, takes things in a distinctly different direction.

Rather than sticking with the animated film, which could have easily resulted in a very bland and uncinematic Agrabah in live-action, they've opted to take inspiration from classic Bollywood film and crank the colors up to their maximum voltage.

The end result is an Agrabah that is stuffed to the brim with gonzo colors. Honestly, this is a really smart move as this is, by far, the most interesting stylistic choice featured in the trailer.

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