Alan Partridge Movie Will Be Released August 16th, 2013!

Terrestrial television is a dead duck. And who watches a dead duck? Not even its mother. She just flies off, depressed.

That€™s right, the King of North Norfolk Digital Radio himself, Alan Partridge has set the date for his cinematic debut and that date is August 16th, 2013. STUDIOCANAL has acquired the distribution rights to the Alan Partridge: The Movie, which stars Steve Coogan as the failing fictional T.V and Radio personality Alan Partridge. According to a press release, the plot will follow Alan as he attempts to €œsalvage his public career and negotiate a potentially violent turn of events at his Norfolk radio station€. It seems after years gathering dust on the British TV hall-of-fame shelf, Alan Partridge has seen new life of late with his triumphant viral video return in Fosters Funny€™s Mid-Morning Matters and the brand new one off TV specials like last night€™s €˜Alan Partridge: Welcome to the Places in my Life€™ and next week€™s hotly anticipated €˜Alan Partridge on Open Books€™. Cashback! Alan Partridge: The Movie is currently in pre-production and is scheduled to commence principal photography on January 7th, 2013. Director Declan Lowney is at the helm, breathing life into a script by Coogan, Armando Iannucci, Peter Baynham, Neil Gibbons and Robin Gibbons. Mr. Partridge himself had this to say on his new big-screen venture: "I'm simultaneously gladdened and pleased to see a British film being co-funded by the French dudes at STUDIOCANAL€. He goes on to insist that: €œthis is without doubt the greatest Anglo-French co-operation since the Normandy landings. This time, the heroes aren't Allied servicemen - they're motion picture financiers, who are equally brave." If you haven€™t yet been swept up in the Partridge fever, check out this promo video for his new one off show, Welcome to the Places in my Life, which aired on Sky Atlantic last night: I guess all that€™s left for me to say is: ruddy hell, it€™s Alan Partridge!
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