Alec Baldwin Leaves MEN IN BLACK 3 As Film Self-Combusts

After reports that the budget has spiralled ($200 million!!), a script that's still not finished despite camera's rolling on the film weeks ago, the many writers attached no longer talking to producers (!) and production delays pushing filming back by a further 5 weeks, more bad news from the Men In Black 3 camp today: Alec Baldwin is no longer attached. Speaking to Vulture after being asked about his role as the boss of M.I.B. in the 60's €œpast€ section of the movie that is yet to film, he bluntly replied:
€œI€™m not doing that. I€™m out of it; the schedule didn€™t work out.€
Shooting is expected to commence on the past portions beginning March 28th after a considerable hiatus, only avoiding further delays as long as its lead star Will Smith fully approves of the new script, says The Hollywood Reporter. Not only does Smith want to approve, it appears that the former Fresh Prince would like a shot at writing the darn thing. "He's become very enamored with aspects of screenwriting,"says a source close to the production. No word on who will take Baldwin's part in the film but after Baldwin's comments about why Harrison Ford replaced him in the Jack Ryan franchise twenty years ago, that would be funny casting. Men In Black 3D is slated for a May 2012 release, which Sony pictures are adamant will stick despite all the problems. (article written by OWF trialist Sean Burton)
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