Alexander Nevsky gives OWF an update on HERCULES: THE BEGINNING!

Russian actor/author/filmmaker/producer Alexander Nevsky shot me an e-mail last night giving OWF an update on his $12 million movie Hercules: The Beginning which was announced in August last year with Nevksy in the starring role. The movie has the uneviable task of trying to exist in Hollywood under the spotlight of Millennium Films tentpole release of 2010 AND a Peter Berg directed adaptation over at Spyglass, but it's one clearly made out of personal passion, and we wish Nevksy and his crew all the luck in the world with it. bendd

First of all, thank you for the great article about my project "Hercules: The Beginning" (it called "Now we get Hercules The Beginning!") and was published last year. I am back to LA and would like to give you an update on my Hercules project. I turned my back muscle in February during preparation for this film so we'll start later this year (when I am ready). John Bierly and Kevin Rice wrote the script and I am in talks with possible directors. I also will try to get someone like John Milius to polish the script and make it darker. I'll produce "Hercules: The Beginning" through my production company Hollywood Storm and want to shoot it in Morocco and Russia. I am sending you my photo with Lou Ferrigno (he played Hercules in MGM movie 25 years ago). Lou was one of my idols when I was a body- builder and I'd like to give him a cameo in "Hercules: The Beginning". Feel free to use this photo if you like it. My previous action thriller "Treasure Raiders" will be released in the US on June 2. This film was a theatrical box office hit in Russia and Eastern Europe last year. I produced "Treasure Raiders" and starred in with Da- vid Carradine and Sherilyn Fenn. This film is Russian answer to "Fast & Furious" (we crashed about 30 cars during the shoot). Please check out the trailer at Thanks again for your interest in my films. By the way, I am a big fan of genre movies and like your web site a lot! Best regards, Alexander Nevsky
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