Alice Eve Joins STAR TREK 2 But Who Is She Playing?

My guess is love interest to Kirk, some kind of femme fatale of space but we don't yet know if she will be friend or foe to the Enterprise.

Variety say Brit actress Alice Eve is close to joining the cast of the Trek sequel which starts shooting next month. If negotiations go well, she will play a new character to the Star Trek universe (sorry, no Janice Rand again) and we don't know yet if she'll be friend or foe to the Enterprise. My guess is love interest to Kirk, some kind of femme fatale of space, but their attraction to each other will be doomed to fail from the start. The trade says she beat out Teresa Palmer and Hayley Atwell who were the final contenders for the role and beating the latter must have given her some pleasure. Eve lost out on the love interest role in Captain America: The First Avenger to Atwell (who I thought was terrific in that movie incidentally) and has now got one over on her. For a while Eve looked like she would be the Henry Cavill of casting failures after getting close but ultimately losing the Lois Lane role to Amy Adams and the Emma Frost part in X-Men: First Class to January Jones but she last year won a role in Men in Black 3 and now has Star Trek 2 on the horizon. She will also appear in the Edgar Allen Poe Gothic mystery The Raven, so you are going to see a lot of her in the coming few years. Eve came onto the scene in the charming Brit comedy Starter For Ten and has also appeared in Sex and the City 2 and Entourage. Star Trek 2 (it won't be called that) begins filming in January with the whole of the Enterprise crew from the original returning and with Benicio Del Toro close to securing a deal to play an unnamed villain. The trades say Del Toro's part in the movie "insiders believe will be playing someone familiar to Trekkies" but to me that sounds like they are stretching and banking on Khan (which would be a mistake) but nobody truly knows for sure. They also say; "Abrams has just one more major role left to cast; sources say it could be another villain, someone who's older and in more of a supporting character to del Toro" but we'll see.

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