Alice Through The Looking Glass: 25 WTF Moments From The Trailer

Never go full Tim Burton.

There's a lot Disney can thank Tim Burton€™s Alice In Wonderland for. The original banked the studio more than a billion dollars (seriously) and also launched the current business model of mining old animated films and turning them into live-action franchises. It worked for Cinderella, and it's going to work for Beauty & The Beast and The Jungle Book and the tens of other ones coming in the next few years. And all that from a film that was quite widely panned by critics as the final signs that Burton had lost it. Shows what they know. Burton€™s movie got a lot of love for its impressive visuals, filling the world of Wonderland with colour, even in its dreary scenes. And the first trailer for the sequel, Alice Through The Looking Glass, promises more of the same. Disney has clearly encouraged The Muppets director James Bobin to keep the Burton-esque feel alive and well and he's taken it as an invitation to dial the strangeness up even further...

25. The Ticking-Clock Disney Logo Is Basically A Cross Between Suicide Squad And Pan

Over the years, Warner Bros. has become well known for changing their logo to fit the look of some of their higher-profile films. Man of Steel turned the WB logo a metallic grey, Mad Max: Fury Road turned it all rusty, and The LEGO Movie made it up out of bricks. Disney does it occasionally, but not nearly as much as Warner Bros. And in this first trailer, the logo appears to take a leaf right out of their book, specifically by crossing the logos for Suicide Squad and Pan. Pan features a ticking clock and Suicide Squad has a crooked wind-up effect, and Alice blends the two by having a ticking clock that twists the castle logo. Suicide Squad€™s twist is counter-clockwise and seemingly more random. But that opening to the trailer still feels more like WB than it does Disney, despite the logo.

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