Alita: 7 Reasons We Need A Sequel

We need to see where THOSE cameos lead...


After decades spent on the back burner, Alita: Battle Angel is finally a reality.

The Robert Rodriguez-directed, James Cameron-produced adaptation of Yukito Kishiro's manga has hit the big screen at last and is doing better than many expected. Initial box office predictions made things look as if Alita didn't stand a chance of even coming close to recouping its massive budget and was going to go down as an unmitigated financial disaster.

However, that didn't really happen. It's opening weekend wound up being about double of what was expected and the word-of-mouth around it has been surprisingly strong. The reviews have been stronger than expected, fans of the manga have been regularly praising it, and it even earned itself an A- Cinemascore, meaning its a hit with general audiences as well.

The film's narrative certainly warrants a sequel but many have been quick to doubt whether it will actually get one. So at this critical moment where it looks like the film could go either way, become a flop or a surprising success, let's take a look at all the reasons why the world would be a better place with an Alita sequel in it...


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