Alita: Battle Angel - 9 Reasons It's A Failure

8. A Brilliant Cast Is (Mostly) Wasted

Alita Battle Angel Mahershala Ali

Unsurprisingly a film of this scope with the backing of James Cameron has attracted a mighty cast, the vast majority of who are sadly given laughably little to do.

The most egregious examples are Mahershala Ali, who intermittently shows up to chew a half-dozen lines of dialogue as the shadowy antagonist Vector, and Jennifer Connelly, whose Dr. Chiren suggests an intriguing character arc that's never sufficiently paid off.

Elsewhere Christoph Waltz is too often relegated to the role of Basil Exposition - even if he at least gets a decent amount of screen time - and it's ultimately only Rosa Salazar who really ends up being used particularly well throughout.


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