All 6 James Bond Actors Ranked

Six decades. Six actors. But how good are they compared to one another?

Eon Productions

James Bond is the longest-running film franchise in the history of cinema, spanning fifty-eight years and twenty-four films. As the entire series revolves around one character, it follows that the role has to be recast regularly.

So far, six actors have played Agent 007 in official movies. And naturally, there are many similarities and many differences between all of the actors. They all conformed to some set traditions, but all of them brought something or other fresh and original to the character.

Some have spent years on end playing the character, while others have played the character for a much shorter span of time. Some carried a passion for the character, while others were reluctant to play him. Some were popular with audiences while others were not as popular.

Each Bond was a product of his era. Naturally, the Bond of 1960s would be very different to the Bond of the 21st century, given all of the historical and cultural changes in that time. They are all good in their own ways, but some more so than others, so this is the ranking of all six James Bond actors.

For this list only the actors from the official Eon Productions series of Bond films will be taken into account, so Barry Nelson, who played Bond in the 1954 TV adaptation of Casino Royale, and David Niven, who played Bond in the 1967 spoof of Casino Royale, will not be listed here.

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