All the Superbowl teaser trailers in one place. Let me know what you thought! (sorry I sound so negative on so many of these productions but I just report on what I see). It's almost like excluding UP, the best of 2009 has kept away from this extravaganza. G.I. JOE: RISE OF THE COBRA... cool shots from Stephen Sommers and any trailer that begins with Sienna Miller's breasts catches my attention instantly. BUT, not a good looking movie. That Eiffel Tower shot is ridiculous. Huge epic feel to this movie, a global story...

TRANSFORMERS 2: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN... which looks fucking awesome from this trailer. The sad reality though is the movie will suck, just on a larger scale than the last one.

I'm thinking this one has less dialogue and lots, lots, lots more action. Which makes for a great movie with some uber cool shots but I'm banking on a bad film come June. If only Michael Bay just made trailers.

STAR TREK... and I now absolutely think young Chris Pine has no chance of making Kirk into an iconic figure. Abrams cast this movie very well but I don't really see leadership in Pine, I don't see a leading man there.

Boy do I wish it was Matt Damon.

UP... which is basically a slightly extended version of the trailers we have already seen. I believe just one bit has been added at the end involving the GPS gag.

This film fascinates me more than most this year, I'm intrigued to see just what does happen in that jungle.

ADVENTURES WITH CARL AND RUSSELL... which is a short, probably made for teaser trailer (i.e. this might not be in the movie) featuring the two main characters from Pixar's UP!

The trailer features the biggest close-up yet of grumpy old Carl Fredricksen. Love it...

THE YEAR ONE... which I won't be seeing now that I know how unfunny it's shaping up. I thought this Harold Ramis/THE OFFICE writers co-production had BAGS of potential, and it still does, but if this is the best you got then the movie is in serious trouble.

MONSTERS VS. ALIENS... which I wish was a Pixar concept because I think it could have been the greatest animated movie of all time. In reality it's Dreamworks and is still looks cool. Just not as cool as it could have been.

ANGELS & DEMONS... blah.

LAND OF THE LOST... the BENEATH THE PLANET OF THE ESCAPES esque shot of a dumping ground of iconic images is pretty fun. But a Will Ferrell/Anna Friel Summer blockbuster feels like a tough sell, as does the special effects...

FAST AND FURIOUS... makes me wonder why they didn't just re-release THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS.


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