All-Female Ocean's 11 Reboot Adds Helena Bonham Carter & Mindy Kaling

Going by the title of Ocean's Ocho.

Helena Bonham Carter Cinderella Mindy Kaling Project

In line with the gender-swapping reboots trend that has seen so many people irrationally pissed off over this year's Ghostbusters remake, Warner Bros. are pressing ahead with their all-female version of Ocean's Eleven.

News of the film broke last year, with The Hunger Games' to direct, and Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock playing the ex-con sister of George Clooney's Danny Ocean, making this a continuation of the trilogy rather than an outright remake.

Cate Blanchett was recently added to the cast, taking on the Brad Pitt role as Bullock's right-hand woman, and now it's been reported by Showbiz 411 that Mindy Kaling and Helena Bonham Carter have joined the cast, though it's not clear what their roles are.


That's a considerable amount of talent in the cast already, but it could've been even bigger, with the site also reporting that Jennifer Lawrence was unable to work the film into her schedule. Still, Bullock and Blanchett headlining is strong for any film, and Kaling and Bonham Carter are capable supports. The plot will apparently see Bullock and co. stealing a necklace from the Met Ball, in order to frame a villainous gallery owner.

The film is going by the working title of Ocean's Ocho, which means there's just four more members of the heist team to be put together, rather than an extra seven.


Ocean's Eleven isn't as beloved as Ghostbusters, so there's probably less pressure on this one, but still expect plenty of men on the internet to get angry about it.


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