Which Already Adapted Property Deserves A Second Movie Adaptation?

Try again, Hollywood.

There's nothing worse than looking forward to a movie adaptation of something you love, only to find that when it finally comes out in theatres, the people who were responsible for making it good have done the complete opposite of that - they've botched it entirely. Given the nature of Hollywood, though, once something - a book, a movie, a video game - has been made into a motion picture once, it very rarely is granted the opportunity to become one all over again. Only a lengthy passing of time and a sudden resurgence in popularity will result in a second adaptation. Which got us thinking about bad movie adaptations that failed to live up to the brilliance of their source material - those unlikely to ever find themselves rendered again as different movies, helmed by different, more capable directors, written by people who might choose to approach the project with the attention to detail and clarity it deserved the first time around. Which material that's already had the Hollywood treatment would you like to see adapted all over again, separate from that original - and ill-judged - attempt, made as if the first one had never existed at all? Our pick goes to Danny Boyle's The Beach, a movie based on the brilliant and still immensely popular novel by Alex Garland, which tells the story of Richard, a backpacker in Thailand who stumbles upon a hidden paradise away from the usual tourist hotspots. Boyle's movie starts of well, but soon enough begins to favour visual flourishes and Hollywood cliches over the Heart of Darkness-inclined themes of the book. Not to mention the fact that it botches the entire point of the book in its ending, and carelessly sucked away its soul by making the lead an American. So which already adapted property do you think deserves another shot? Let us know in the comments section below.
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