Alternate Versions Of Every MCU Movie We Almost Got To See

So close, yet so far.

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Marvel Studios

There's no denying the fantastic cinematic achievement that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With 20 movies under its belt, over $17 billion at the box office and not a single critical dud in sight, it's been an insane success beyond practically any expectations.

However, if circumstances were just a little different, every single one of the MCU's films to date could've turned out differently. If other actors won prized roles, different directors helmed certain movies or studio politics worked out otherwise, many of the franchise's best-loved films would've been something else entirely.

Though we'll never know whether these alternate takes would be superior or not, it's certainly fun to consider what might've been if the tides of fate had turned in another direction.

In some cases we were most certainly spared some trouble, while in others fans are sadly left to pine wistfully for the brilliance that might've been.

There may be no changing the past, but it sure is interesting to think about...

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