Amanda Seyfried is I'M.MORTAL for Andrew Niccol!

Andrew Niccol here at Obsessed With Film and would probably sell a kidney to catch anything the man behind The Truman Show & Gattaca puts his name too, but we have to say it nevertheless; the title of his newly announced, original sci-fi movie, I'm.mortal, is absolutely ludicrous. But anyway, we won't spend too much time venting our disliking of the title as the movie itself actually sounds cool, and we seriously believe New Regency/20th Century Fox will force Niccol to go with Immortal, or something else. Surely, they must?Variety say beauty Amanda Seyfried is the first cast in Niccol's futuristic movie, set in a world where the aging gene can be switched off at 25;

To avoid overpopulation, time has become the currency and the way people pay for luxuries and necessities. The rich can live forever, while the rest try to negotiate for their immortality. When a rebel from the ghetto is falsely accused of murdering a wealthy man for his time, he is forced to go on the run with a beautiful hostage (Seyfried). Together, this duo rages against the system, living minute to minute. They discover that love is more powerful than all the time in the world.
So it's kind of a new take on Logan's Run? Cool. We are down with that and it'll be interesting to see if the project steps on the toes of Carl Erik Rinsch's Logan's Run adaptation at Warner Bros. Seyfried is already booked in to make Catherine Hardwicke's The Girl With The Red Riding Hood late summer, and potentially Niccol is attached to Stephenie Meyer's The Host (God knows why) that could be a goer in the next 9 months or so, meaning it might be a full 12 months before filming gets close on this. We hope Seyfried manages to stay attached as she's a top-level actress in her age bracket, and is seemingly now shaking off the rom-com stage of her career (Letters from Juliet, Mamma Mia) to focus on more challenging, genre pieces. I thought she was terrific in Chloe, a movie where she physically came into her own and grew out of her Mean Girls shell (finally) and I honestly think that movie was so perfect for her, in a Sharon Stone/Basic Instinct kind of way, I'm not sure I can ever look at her in the same way again. Niccol is one of our favourite socially conscious writer/directors and his sci-fi movie are consistently amongst the best movies of their specific release years, with original, interesting concepts. This one looks to continue this trend and we hope it gets made.


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